Private Investigator Surveillance

Private Investigator Surveillance Services

Checkmate Investigative Group is a Florida-based private investigative agency serving the Tampa Bay area with in-person investigative needs, including private investigator surveillance, background checks, and other investigative services.

Discreet private investigations

Contact us today. Our team of private investigators can provide you with discreet surveilance services. Let us help you uncover the information you need.

Tampa Surveillance Services

private investigator surveillance from a car

If you to find out information about a person or business, you might need priviate investigator surveillance.  A private investigator is often hired by an attorney to do surveillance in civil cases. But, individals may be interested in private investigator surveillance in divorce or custody cases or if infidelity is suspected.  

Our private investigators are skilled at providing discreet survelliance to help you find the information you need. Checkmate provides local serveillance services to the Tampa Bay area.

If you need something proven, or doubts put to rest, you’ve come to the right place. While we spend more hours conducting surveillance than anything else,this isn’t an investigative service, in and of itself. Surveillance — the act of observing and documenting an individual’s activities and whereabouts — is an investigative tool that is utilized in most investigations.

We routinely conduct private investigator survelliance during infedilety investigations, auto insurance claims, worker’s comp, slip and fall, civil suit verifications, and more.  When you decide to work with Checkmate, you will get honest determined investigative efforts and timely survelliance reports. 

Our team doggedly pursues results.

Our Tampa Bay private investigators will use all available resources to obtain the documentation you need.

We are determined, adaptable, and tenacious. Whether you need photographs, video evidence, or other documentation, our Florida licensed private investigators will conduct the surveillance to find the truth.

Contact us today to discuss your survelliance needs.

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